Emmanuel CHristian CHurch

Belle anse

The Acts 1:8 Foundation and Future Campaign was established in 2018 with a vision of caring for our home church while simultaneously leaving a legacy with a church plant in Haiti. As a result of this campaign, Haitian Christian Outreach was able to plant a 12th church in Belle Anse, Haiti. Members of PCC funded the church and several were present to lay the foundation of the church in July 2018, and complete the roof installation in January of 2020.

haiti house

Emmanuel Benjamin is serving as the pastor of Emmanuel Christian Church in Belle Anse, PCC's church plant in Haiti. In early 2021, we learned that Emmanuel lives in Port au Prince and travels to Belle Anse via public transportation. When he goes to Belle Anse, he stays for a week or two before returning home to his wife and child. The trip can sometimes take the entire day due to the mountainous terrain and poor infrastructure. While in Belle Anse, he stays in the Koky Hotel, an added expense. HCO has always planned to build a home on the property of the church for whoever the pastor may be at any given time. The home had been started but there is not room in the HCO budget to finish it. The total amount needed to cover the materials and labor needed was $15,000.

The opportunity to fund a parsonage for the pastor and his family was presented to PCC on March 14, 2021 with the challenge to raise the $15,000 needed to complete the house in just 3 weeks, by Easter Sunday. And the money was raised in less that two weeks! Check back soon to see the completed house.